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Keir McDowall

Keir studies Photography and Film at Edinburgh Napier University, graduating summer 2011. In his work he often focusses on the landscape, but has a keen interest in fashion and portraiture.

Keir’s portfolio can be viewed in full at
and his blog, comprising part-diary and part-research, can be read at

Keir McDowell. Self-Portrait. 2008

Self-Portrait. 2008

this is what creates every adventure – a project by Rowan Lear

Rowan Lear recently completed the BA (hons) Photography and Film at Edinburgh Napier University. Her major project developed into a process of collection, research and response which she titled this is what creates every adventure .

The project investigates our relationships to photographs and memory. Rowan uses found photographs and treats them not simply as memory triggers, but as instruments through which our memories can be recovered and reconstructed.

If you’d like to know more about the ongoing project, and see other work by Rowan Lear please visit and

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